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Rich Nutritionwala


We Rich Nutritionwala are very first in Ahmedabad to serving Healthy Diet Food, Nutrition Diet Food, Regular Healthy Food. Our special product is to offering food in olive oil, because we believe in healthy & nutritional diet.


Special Population & High Risk Obesity Diet Care
Special Population & High Risk Obesity Diet Care INR 150 INR 150 People suffering from diseases because of today's lifestyle like Cardiac, Hypertension, Diabetic etc, need to be given special attention to their diet, so we are here to make you smile on your dining table with delicious, tasty & balanced portion of meal. 55 Tiffin For 1 Month || @ Rs. 8300/- True 1434103944
Pregnancy Diet Food Care
Pregnancy Diet Food Care INR 150 INR 150 Postnatal obesity is very common among female which is easily manageable by proper food & nutrition designed by Rich Nutritionwala. It helps to loose excess weight & also helps to provide proper nutrition to infant through breast feeding. 55 Tiffin For 1 Month || @ Rs. 8300/- True 1434104168
Regular Nutritional Meal
Regular Nutritional Meal INR 100 INR 100 It is a struggle to find healthy, hygienic & homemade like food for those who stay alone, away from there homes. Rich Nutritionwala is one step solution not only for Corporate Professional & Student but also for senior citizens. 06 Tiffin For 1 Week @ Rs. 600/- 26 Tiffin For 1 Month @ Rs. 2450/- 52 Tiffin For 1 Month @ Rs. 4200/- True 1434104424
Weight Loss Diet Food
Weight Loss Diet Food INR 150 INR 150 Food contain large variety of low calorie, healthy hygienic, nutritious & tasty meal at your door step. 55 Tiffin For 1 Month || @ Rs. 8300/- True 1434103598
Happy Meal @80 /- Rs.
Happy Meal @80 /- Rs. INR 80 INR 80 Just Rs.80/- Per Tiffin. And For 26 Tiffin Just Pay 2080/-. True 1467354328
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